Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring, Beautiful Spring!

Nature Girl has been asking to go to the park all winter. Well now that spring has finally arrived her wish came true. The park opened this week. The last two days the weather has been beautiful so we packed a lunch and trekked off to the park. Everyone else had the same idea so there were hoards of kids and a good time was had by all.
I got to field test my new summer sling bag. It works pretty well. I need to downsize my wallet a bit since the current one is bulging. I wish it was bulging with wads of money but in reality it's filled with old receipts, and store discount/reward cards. Honestly, it's stuffed so full I can't close it. So I plan to clean that out today. The weatherman is calling for another beautiful day. We have a friend coming for a play date today and will be spending lots of time outside again. Yeah for spring!
I'm working on a tutorial for the sling bag and hope to have it up later today. Special thanks goes out to Susan at chickenfoot. She has been a great help checking and editing my pouch, napkin and sling bag tutorials. So check out her blog then check back here later for the sling bag tutorial.
Happy spring everyone!


Barb said...

Can't wait to see the tutorial on the sling bag. Sounds great. Glad the weather is finally warming up for you. BTW~ did ya know you won a giftee from my contest ~ just waiting on your snail mail address and will get it out ~ I'll give you a hint.. It has pink animals on it!

susan said...

oh you won something!!! eee what is it??? and thanks, i really didnt mind helping with your tutes, they are all really great. now i have to go find out what you won....