Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thrifted Fabric

I love thrifting! Nature Girl is also a lover of things thrifted. Saturday mornings we like to head off to our favorite little thrift store with our next door neighbor MB. The three of us spend an hour or so looking around then head home with our purchases. We look forward to this weekly trip. Yesterday I found these fabrics. I'm not sure what the plaid wool piece will be yet but the blue swirly fabric will probably end up as a skirt for me. The red check is destined to become an accent on an apron and the yellow will be used for a stitchery project. The red fabric piece is actually a scarf I laid all the fabric on for the photo. I turned that scarf into a bag but couldn't get a decent photos of it.
Barb at So How Was Your Day had a cool post on Japanese Cloth Bags. It's a YouTube video that demonstrates how to tie a scarf into a shopping bag. After watching it I had to try it out. I dug out a red scarf from Nature Girl's dress up bin and whipped up the cloth bag. It was so easy. I think I might carry one in the car for when you need a bag. Of course if I ever get around to using my thrifted clothes to make shopping bags I plan to keep those in the car too. I have a Rubbermaid bin full of thrifted treasures just waiting to be transformed into reusable shopping bags. That's a project for another day. In the meantime the scarf bag will do.

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Kristie said...

I love thrift stores!! But it seems like the ones around here never have fabric. Can't wait to see the projects that you make with them.