Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sewing Blocks & Gifts

I've been finishing up the end of the year gifts for Nature Girl's teacher. Each family has two scrapbook pages to decorate with their child's pictures. I worked on Nature Girl's last night. I wanted her to help decorate the pages but time is running short so I started it. I have room on the second page for her to write her name and do a drawing. I still need to finish putting everyone's pages back into the book then finish decorating the cover with the kid's hand prints.

This bag is the another end of the year Gift for Nature Girl's teacher. We met at the local park to get the kids hand prints on the fabric. I took the squares home and sewed them together to make the bag. I hope the Nature Girl's teacher will like it. I know when I was teaching I would have loved something like this and the scrapbook!

This is the last week of school for Nature Girl. So I have to enjoy my last two mornings of uninterrupted sewing while I can! After dropping her off at school, I spent the morning sewing blocks. These are my attempts at a log cabin block.
My quilt guild is having a potluck tomorrow night. We're also launching a monthly quilt block swap. Each month we'll be given a pattern for a block. If you want to participate you sew a block then bring it to the meeting. The blocks will be swapped and everyone who participates will go home with a new block. This month's block is log cabin. I think the block on the left will be my swap block for this month. I'm looking forward to the meeting.

These two blocks are for my guild's summer raffle quilt. I'm not sure if there is a name for this pattern but everyone makes two of these squares to add to the quilt. The requirements were to use batiks and fall colors. I volunteered to help sew all the blocks together before the July meeting so I'll keep you posted on what the top will look like. I'm curious to see everyone's blocks and how they'll look together.


val said...

I love everything! Your tote for Nature Girl's teacher is a sweet and useful idea!

jovaliquilts said...

Great gifts! I guess as a former teacher, you know how much it means. Hope you enjoy the block swap! Your block looks like it game out great.

susan said...

boy you are ambitious!! i would have been afraid to sew it together! the bag looks so kewl, im sure the teacher will treasure it. your blocks look great!! i love the colors you chose for both. oh and what a sweet idea for the scrapbook, boy i would def. want you for a mommy of one of my students if i taught!!

Pattie said...

Jill, you are so darn clever! I love the scrapbook idea and the tote bag. NG's teacher is gonna love both of them!

Beautiful blocks, too. Your swap sounds like fun. I've just discovered the joys of being in a quilt guild (see my post today.) What an amazing group of people!