Sunday, July 20, 2008


I missed my quilt guild meeting last week while we were on vacation. I had a friend bring the raffle gift, the gift for my secret pal and my block for the swap. This is what I received from my secret pal. The fabric is Michael Miller and the appliqué book and kit are perfect since I need to learn to appliqué in August. It's the theme for the August mini quilt swap and I already have my idea. I just need to to learn how to do it, so the book will come in handy! I sent the cherry note book and a cherry needlebook for my secret pal. I hope she didn't feel totally jipped! I'll have to come up with something better for my secret pal in August.

The block on the left is the block I received in the swap and the one on the right is one I made. I've been making two blocks, one for the swap and one for myself so I can see how much I've learned. I kept the wonkiest 9 patch block for myself and sent the better one for the swap.

Saturday morning we headed to our favorite thrift store. We haven't been in 5 or 6 weeks, so we were excited to go. It was a good trip! We found more kids books because you can never have enough, especially when you're a teacher. Nature Girl found a Dr. Suess flash light shaped like the fish from the Cat in the Hat. She was pretty cute wearing her felt Cat in the Hat hat and playing with her flashlight. I didn't take a picture of that but I did get a picture of my goodies.
I found a prim crow shutter, an appliqué quilt kit, some green corduroy and this frog fabric. It's on a roll and looks like it's a wallpaper border but it's actually a roll of fabric. I'd guess there is about 4 yards of the frog fabric. I thought it was cute. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate it into a mini quilt. Any ideas? I was thinking it might look good with a strip of frogs across the top and bottom with some blue that looks like water for a pond in the center. I guess it could always be used for borders around a quilt.


Christy said...

The cherry notebook and needlebook are cute. I don't think you secret pal would be disappointed with them. The things you received were nice too.

The frog fabric would be cute as quilt borders or if you alternated them with strips of another fabric in a quilt top. How tall is the fabric? You could fussy cut one of the frogs/lilypads and applique it too.

Gina said...

That frog fabric is so cute.

I agree with Christy, you could use it as borders or do a strippy quilt. One strip of frogs and one of blue etc. Or fussy cut the frogs into squares and use them in the centre of a star or nine patch with different blues and greens.

Love and hugs Gina xx

tyketto said...

I love that frog fabric! My ideas are the same as the others. I think it would make such a great border - maybe just on the top and the bottom depending on the size of the quilt - and then maybe have a frog in one of the blocks - if you have enough fabric.

Yarni Gras! said...

so cute....I like your idea about eh frog fabric in a little pond type quilt.

All your goodies are wonderful and a fun trip to the thrift store too!? yeah YOU!

Pattie said...

Boy, you two SCORED at the thrift store! What fun!

I agree: frogs for the borders of a small-ish quilt, with maybe one or two appliquéd somewhere in the body. That would be so cute.

Katy said...

I love the bookmark nature girl made! What a great idea for a tutorial too...adding it to my list of things to make one of these days when i finally have some time to myself!!!

I'm with every one else - strips of frogs would be great, nice and simple so as to not distract from how cool the fabric is.

Anonymous said...

I love that blossom fabic - so cute!! And love the froggies too!! I do have a soft spot for those cute green little fellas!!!

jovaliquilts said...

Jill, your gift was adorable -- of course she won't feel gypped! The frog fabric is adorable. My only suggestion on using it is just that you showcase it!

Hugs to Nature Girl. I've never met her, but I feel like I know her!

susan said...

oooo such good finds!! i can never pass up a pretty color of corduroy. the frog fabric is too cute. it will make an adorable quiltie.
we wont mention dr. you know who

Craft Matters said...

Hi! Like Nature Girl my boys are very fond of the Cat in the Hat.. What a lovely blog - I've been enjoying reading it. :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

The frog fabric is so cute, that was quite a find.