Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Were Spoiled!!!

Val from Yarni Gras! was my partner for the Booming Aprons Beat the Heat Halloween Apron Swap. Val and her kids really spoiled Nature Girl and I! Look at some of the goodies she sent for us. She sent an apron for Nature Girl, two sets of amazing cupcake toppers, seeds for pumpkins & gourds, Halloween place cards and several recipes that I can't wait to try. They also sent two cute crocheted tank tops and two plush bags for Nature Girl. They were missing at photo time since Nature Girl was thrilled with them and has added them to her stash! She kept saying "That girl spoiled us!" They really did spoil us! Thank you!!!!!

And look at my apron!!! I love it!!! Val used Lucy's Sassy Apron pattern, which I had been admiring! I've been trying to slow summer down and enjoy my last few weeks at home before beginning work, but this apron is bringing out my fall spirit! I wore it today even though it was 80 plus degrees and sunny! By the way Nature Girl took the photo of my apron(that's Toot my pig doorstop in the corner, he mostly collects dust but I love him.) Val took some lovely pictures of the aprons and goodies.
Speaking of fall and Halloween, we started Nature Girl's Halloween costume. Yes, I know it's still only July but we've known for 3 months what Nature Girl wants to be for Halloween. Can you guess? If you guessed Word Girl, you got it. Of course most people have no idea who Word Girl is. She's a superhero with super vocabulary on PBS Kids. We're word Girl fans here.
This weekend one of Nature Girl's cousins is having a superhero birthday party and we needed a superhero costume. So we started our Word Girl costume. We still need to make the hood and some red shorts but we've got a good start. I had our little Word Girl defining words during the picture shoot. She defined dazzling and predicament for us. It made us laugh!
We also made a Batman tee shirt and cape for the birthday boy to wear at the party and a superman cape for his little brother. Hopefully we'll have some fun superhero pictures to share after the party on Sunday.


jovaliquilts said...

Just too much fun! That's a wonderful apron, and I love Halloween stuff in general.

Word Girl -- what a great concept! Guess she came on the scene after my kids were past that stage (though my older daughter is reviewing vocabulary for the GRE).

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the word girl costume!! The swap goodies you received are just lovely. Swap mail is the best!

Yarni Gras! said...

OMgosh....that is ought to have her handing out slips of paper with WORDS on them! hahaha!
She looks darling in that costume. I think homemade costumes are the BEST!
Thanks for the sweet comments about your package. I'm glad you like everything! And the apron looks GREAT on!

Barb said...

Nature girl looks adorable in her costume. I can't wait to see the rest of it!

Booming Aprons said...

oh wow just so cute and fun Fun You did a awesome jon and so did Val!!Thanks so much for doing the swap!!!Hope you will join in on the next ones too
Big hugs to you and to beautiful Nature Girl !

susan said...

oh how sweet! i love your word girl costume. she looks adorable in it. she is getting so good at taking photos too! wow. sweet apron you got, i wish i had known about the swap.