Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swapping Updates and Thank yous!

We've had a great summer when it comes to swaps! I've been busy finishing up swap goodies and sending them off. We participated in the Mee Crafty kid swap this summer. We were partnered with Ali and her boys for the swap. The boys are dinosaur fans so we put together dinosaur themed goodies for them. We sent tee shirts, felt dino finger puppets, dino eggs, dino softies and cherry Twizzlers because they're Nature Girl's favorite! I used Clair Garland's pattern to create a stencil for the dino tee shirts but opted to design and create my own dino softies. I like the stegosaurus softie the best! Ali and Boys blogged about their goodies here. The pictures they took are very cute! Thanks to Ali and boys for a great swap! We had a lot of fun with this swap and it was our first international package. We blogged about the goodies from the swap here.

After a summer of fun adventures with us Adventure Bunny was sent off wearing her new costume and accessories. You can see Adventure Bunny at her new home here.

When you send a swap package out you get one in return. Adventure Bunny arrived at her new home the same day Nature Girl's new swap friend arrived here. Daffodil the bunny has since been renamed Daffodil Love Bunny and is seen here enjoying some ice tea. Nature Girl isn't usually allowed to sit on our table so she was excited that she could for the picture!

Daffodil arrived with a photo scrapbook detailing her summer adventures before arriving at our house. Daffodil has enjoyed lots of snuggles, ice tea and a trip to daycare since she came to live with us. You can see more about Daffodil in this blog post. This swap was through the Little People Swap blog. Thank you to Karah and kids!

I participate in the Miniature Quilt Swap. Each month you sign up and create a miniature quilt between 6 and 12 inches for your partner. I made this one for my July partner Solihubb. I received this beautiful mini quilt this week from her. Thank you Solidia, I love it!!! It's going to be hung up next to my desk at school.
This is the back of the quilt. The fabric is soooo cute! Nature Girl was trying to steal my mini quilt because she loved the fabric! No such luck, I'm keeping it!!


val said...

What a small world...Solidia was my partner in the Summer sassy apron swaps! She does beautiful work.
I love the bunnies...both of them. NG looks sooooo happy with her new bunny! She looks cute posing on the table! I love the dino stuffie....stegosaurus are my all time favorite dinosaur. You did a great job designing it. Love your mini quilts....something I could never do. I'm not detailed enough..but I enjoy looking at people's...they are so beautiful.

tyketto said...

Adventure Bunny's costume is too cute. And Daffodil is cute too! Your work is great - and inspirational. After I attempt a snail I'm going to try creating a Pterodactyl.

Jill said...

Wow! Where do you find all these great swaps? I love all the dino stuff! said...

I just linked over to your blog from Kerri Made. So much goodness and inspiration! I'm off to have a look around...

jovaliquilts said...

What an adorable bunny Nature Girl received -- must have eased the pain of parting with her summer companion she had to send away. You sent such cute stuff with it!

The swap quilt is perfect for your classroom! I bet your partner thought of that already. :)