Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Rock in the Park

Here's Nature Girl playing on some rocks in a local park. She loved climbing through the holes in the rock and passing through the rock that was split in two.

Now's she catching a ride on a stone tortoise. This one is pretty slow! She has always loved turtles.

Nature Girl starts kindergarten on Wednesday and I start back at school tomorrow. We've had fun this summer. I had high hopes of posting pictures and details of our summer events. Hopefully soon. In the meantime I just finished posting an introduction of Nature Girl and I on the littlepeople swap blog. You can check it out here: Meg and Mag are hosting a back to school swap. We just sent out our package and can't wait for it to arrive at it's destination.


Yarni Gras! said...

she has GROWN! I love turtles too....I hope she has a great first day!

Anonymous said...
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