Monday, October 12, 2009

There are Witches in the Air

Nature Girl has had fun decorating the house for Halloween. We have window clings on all of the glass doors and Halloween decorations and trinkets all over the house. She loves her holidays! This is a little witch she drew. I just love her art work! I stumbled on this one in a pile of papers on the table. I knew immediately what it was, a witch flying on her broomstick. Isn't it a cute little witch?

Speaking of witches. We received our Witches swap package last week. It's this amazing Halloween pocket made by Melinda. She is an artist with fabric! To read more about it or to see some of the other items sent and received in the swap check here.


Katy said...

great picture! Naturegirl is a budding artist!!!
I really need to start decorating for halloween too, if not it'll be christmas before I've started!

jovaliquilts said...

What wonderful stuff to decorate with! Enjoy. :)