Monday, May 24, 2010

Gift For Friend

I made this bag for a friend at school. She is always helping me out and she takes good care of the kids I work with(that's right Robyn I'm talking about you.) It's her birthday and I wanted to make something special that she could use. A bag that could be used for summer beach trips or carrying books for summer reading seemed like a good idea. Besides I've made too many aprons lately and had to change it up.

In the spirit of changing it up so as not to become too obsessive I made two pin cushions. I made the square pincushion first to give as a gift but didn't like it. So I made the round one instead. I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to make. Plus it looks so much better than a plain old square one.

Aprons have become an obsession for me lately but zentangling is an even bigger obsession! This is a wood clipboard that I painted white, then drew on.

Of course the front will be covered with paper as that is the major purpose of a clipboard. So I had to decorate the back too. I like the back better! I tried it on a transparent yellow clipboard and it looks pretty cool, though I think it will look even better on a clear clipboard. I wanted to make one for Nature Girl's teacher as an end of the year gift, so I think I'll try a clear one for that.
I have the kids at school doing it and Nature Girl has even joined into the fun. This is Nature Girl's first zentangle. It's the poison apple from Snow White. Her partner for the Fairytale swap likes Snow White. She worked hard and had a great time making it. See zentangles are fun for all ages and very addicting! So try one today.


Florence and Mary said...

You have been busy crafting!

Isn't it nice to make thank you gifts.

Victoria x

Robyn said...

I love my bag!! Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday present!!