Saturday, July 17, 2010

Artful Moments

Here is a picture Nature Girl drew of Wall.e. She drew Wall.e then created a background for him. He's riding on Eve's spaceship. I love that part of the movie when he see's all of the stars and wonders of space for the first time. I love that she tried to capture that.
This dragonfly is a that Nature Girl painted. It's hanging on the wall in our entrance. I love dragonflies. I especially like the flowers on her dragonfly.
Lastly this is what a creative little girl makes while her mother is busy packing for a family vacation. She used a hamper, cowboy hat, slippers, barrettes, paper, makers, plastic bags and scissors to create this sculpture.


Apryl said...

aww that is so cute... love when kids are so crafty, H dosent draw alot... though he likes to help me cook so I'm happy when he chops mushrooms and shucks peas, and he will help me sew on the sewing machine when the fancy strikes him.

Barb said...

Nature girl is so talented and creative. I'm so happy I actually got to meet her!