Monday, August 16, 2010

A Dumb But Funny Read!

This summer we've been working on getting Nature Girl to read more. She loves to be read to but doesn't really like to read herself. We're trying to change that. We've been working with lots of easy readers that she can read independently. But today I spent lots of time just reading to her instead.
As a teacher I'm always finding and buying new books to read. I bring them home to share with Nature Girl too. We both love books! Today we had a great time reading four books in The Dumb Bunnies Collection by Dav Pilkey. These bunnies certainly are dumb but they're laugh out loud silly too! We had some good laughs reading about their adventures. Dav Pilkey is the author of Captain Underpants, Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot and the Dumb Bunnies. My students at school love Captain Underpants. Though I have all of the books I haven't read them, I was avoiding the toilet humor with Nature Girl. We have enjoyed the Ricky Ricotta books and now the Dumb Bunnies. If you like goofy, silly humor, you're sure to love the Dumb Bunnies.
So what have you been reading?

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Cotton Kiwi said...

My 6 year old came home with a book called "Shampoozel" which was particularly silly but the my other half particularly enjoyed all the bad puns and the kids managed to twig onto half of them! It was a play on the Rapunzel story but with a hairdresser father called Dan Druff and the baddy is the Bad Hair Witch. Ugh!