Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Hoot!

Nature Girl drew and painted this sweet little fish during summer camp. I think it's so cute! I added her conch shell for the photo as it went perfectly and leads into a story.

While we we're in the Bahamas Nature Girl bought this conch shell. She picked this particular shell because the man selling it told her it was his party shell. On the boat ride back from the island she practiced until I finally asked her to stop for the sake of all the other passengers on the boat. Of course it wasn't that loud because she hadn't really gotten the hang of it until now. She was a little disappointed at first because it was supposed to be a party shell but it didn't sound like one when she used it. Like most things it just takes a little practice. Here's a short clip of her practicing here at home. It makes me laugh! Of course you might want to turn your speakers down.

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