Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Not Listening to You

Nature Girl is spending a few days with Grandma and Papa in NY. Number one I can't believe she is big enough to go off to another state without us but she is. Number two she doesn't even miss me even though I miss her terribly. I was just sitting her thinking about her and was reminded of these pictures I took a few weeks back. Here's the story behind the pictures:

I'm Not Listening to YOU!

Like any good parents we've tried to teach Nature Girl manners and to respect adults. We've taught her that she can't cover her ears with her hands when she doesn't like something we have to say, though occasionally she does try it. When her cousin E. stayed with us for a few days she got upset with him. They had been arguing and she had had enough. They're both stubborn and she wasn't making any headway with getting him to see her point of view so she didn't want to listen to him anymore. Since she couldn't put her hands over her ears she devised a new way not to listen to him. She put on the safety head phones her dad had given her. It worked but her cousin was greatly insulted!
Of course like any blogger would, I swooped in to take pictures before helping to mediate the argument. I told her to give me her best mad faces, then I used mosaic maker to put together this I'm Not Listening to You collage. We talked for a bit and agreed that there were better ways to settle arguments. They went off and happily played for a few more hours. Best part is, after a few hours of harmony her cousin E got upset with her and did the same thing to her with the headphones. She was beyond insulted. It was too funny!
So for my little Nature Girl even when you're mad, grumpy and unwilling to listen I still love you with all my heart!!! I can't wait for you to come home!


Christy said...

Oh, she's got a good mad face! And she's quite a problem solver. :)
Wish I could put headphones on some times.

Jen Sue Wild said...

She is so sweet.
Some days I wish I could cover my ears when I did not like what was being said.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post, beautifullt written - and she DOES miss you, sometimes it just takes them a few days to realise. Enjoy the quiet time x

Madelyn said...

Awe Jill. I'm sure she misses you :-)

Love the owl background on your blog.

Barb said...

Its hard when they are gone ~ but also nice to get stuff done without them underfoot!