Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Pick Up & A Toy Drop

We went to NY this weekend to pick up Nature Girl. Despite the fact that she didn't want to talk on the phone to us while she was gone I think she actually missed us. We tried to wake her up when we arrived at 11:30 pm on Friday, as she had requested we do, but she was zonked out and didn't even open an eye. When she woke up Saturday morning I was treated to lots of hugs, kisses, chats and snuggles. She stuck by my side for at least the first hour, so I think even though she had a great time she did miss us just like we missed her!

On the way home from NY we decided to do a toy drop. Meet Deloris, Amy, Arnold and Aurthur. This little hedgehog family was stitched and sewn by me then stuffed by Nature Girl and three of her cousins. Here they are riding with us on a deary rainy day. We left them on a bench inside a rest stop on the VT/NH border. We didn't stick around to see if they were picked up but we hope they found a good home.


Barb said...

I still haven't done any toy drops... it's on that very long "to do" list. Love your little guys. Hope they found a perfect home.

Tazzy said...

Now if I had been coming down 95 you can bet I would grab them. How adorable!! You have a sweet blog and your family is precious. love the strawberry cake!! It would be great with my morning coffee, IF I HAD SOME!! *wink*

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Annesphamily said...

What a great idea and what a terrific job you all did! Hugs Anne

mariassecretgarden said...

I love that you are making homemade toys and leaving them anonymously. I may have to see how I can start doing that around here in locations. That would be quite fun. I knew of a family that would go to the beach and boy shells and then drop them on the beach and watch the people as they found them. The sheer joy was lovely.