Monday, March 28, 2011

March YOE

Hedgehogs! The March YOE theme was hedgehogs. I was excited because I think hedgehogs are among the cutest of forest creatures. The task was to create a hedgehog ornament for your YOE tree. Check! The challenge for March was to create a hedgehog pin cushion. Check again! So here they are.

I made the ornament from felt and hand stitched his quills one night a few weeks ago while my husband and I watched Red starring Bruce Willis. I thought he turned out rather sweetly but wanted to try more of a 3-D hedgehog for my pin cushion so I stuck with the same basic shape but added additional pieces to the back and nose to get more of a rounded look.

My hedgie pincushion is made from recycled, felted wool sweaters, black beads and a black pompom. I had a hard time sticking pins in him. As a matter of fact I heard him cry out in pain but hedgies are used to spines and pokey quills so he got over it quickly.

I have greatly enjoyed making hedgehogs this month and have several other ideas I'd like to try. I also have the makings for another wool hedgie pincushion cut out and ready to stitch up when I get some time to do it. I think I might need to add the hand stitched quills on the second hedgie pincushion.
I have to say I am LOVING the YOE swap! It's been so much fun to stretch my creativity. Even better I've gotten to keep the last few things I've made. Imagine that, I hardly ever make and keep something for myself! Now that the hedgies are done and March is drawing to a close, guess what the theme for April is. . . . bird nests. I have a perfect idea to try and am anxiously awaiting some time to get started. I also feel a few felted wool birds coming on. I went to a bag sale a local thrift store this weekend and got a garbage bag full of wool sweaters and jackets. Tweet, tweet!
I'll try to catch up later this week on some belated posts like the Chicken Loving Mama's apron swap, more pictures from Hawaii and some Nature Girl at her sweetest(yes, she's always sweet!)


Karen said...

Lovin the Hedgies! Totally adorable! You do such great work! How wonderful for Nature Girl to grow up surrounded by such creativity. She will surely be a craft lover herself :)

Anonymous said...

How lovely the hedgehogs are. I like the pincushion especially. Gosh our kids are getting big!

jovaliquilts said...

A hedgehog pincushion -- totally great idea because it's such an obvious thing that I never thought of! Really cute.