Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tie One On Day

I've missed making aprons! I hadn't made any aprons in quite awhile so I was suffering from apron withdrawals. Not to worry, November is time to celebrate National Tie One On Day. It's a holiday right before Thanksgiving where you give back to others by crafting an apron and some goodies just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Not only does it take care of apron withdrawals it makes someone else's day! I call that a win -win situation!

I made and delivered two aprons for National Tie One On Day. Both aprons went to co-worker/friends at school.

The first Tie One On apron is this wild psychedelic number. It is made with vintage silk screened acrylic fabric. It's wild but I really love the fabric. Of course it's reversible and has a flamingo print on the back.

The second apron is this pink polka dot apron. I made this one for one of the speech therapists last year but held onto it because it needed some adjustments. She was trying to lose weight so we decided to wait on adjusting it. She's lost 33 pounds and looks great. We had to tear apart the top of the apron to get it to fit but we finished just time time for Tie One On Day. Look how cute her apron looks on her! This one is also reversible with a brown paisley fabric on the back. It was fun to share my love of aprons with my coworkers/friends!

I also finished this apron which is my first crafted Christmas gift this year. I finished a second apron for a Christmas gift and have a third one that is partially completed. Three Jillymade Christmas gifts done. Let's hope I can get a few more made in time for Christmas!


Karen said...

They are all awesome! How fun that you had a chance to do some sewing! Have a lovely day my friend!!!

Regena said...

Great job.Love the polkadots!
Thanks for playing my my Tie One on Day Challenge. Looks like you have a way better than average chance tow in a prize!!

veryberryhandmade said...

So nice! Love that purple paisley, and the polkadot apron is gorgeous. Well done too and being so organised re Christmas.

Kerry said...

Love those aprons - especially the pink one:-)
What a great way to make someones day - love it:-)
Hope the recipients of the Jillymade gifts know how lucky they are .....
Lots of hugs

Yarni Gras! said...

oh these are all just so lovely!

Melinda Cornish said...

I havent made an apron in a while either....I love the silky one!!!! I love anything colorful....Happy New year Jill!