Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little Hands

I've been a special ed teacher for a lot of years. I love what I do.  With the need for confidentiality, I feel like there is a big part of my life that I don't get to share with others. I can't share photos of students or talk about the progress my students make.

 Today I have a photograph that I can share; it's simple but it says a lot. This photo was taken at school this week. We're doing an "All About Me" theme so we read the book Shades of People. The book ends with a photo like this. We decided that we would take a picture of our hands just like the book. I just love those little hands!  They represent five unique little people who are all amazing; I'm lucky that I get to be their teacher.

 This is a rainbow hair display created by one of the paras in my room. Chrisann hung this cute little rainbow hair guy in my classroom window.  We took some great pictures of the kids in front of rainbow hair guy. The kids painted the paper for the hair. We also made Rainbow Hair books using Deanna Jump's book. I love this emergent reader because the kids can read it by themselves.

Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies; we've been singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I remember singing that when I was in kindergarten. Yep it's still a great song to sing when you're teaching body parts. We've been labeling the body parts on this little boy I created.  Next week we're working on a Pledge of Allegiance mini unit. It's the first time I've done a unit on the pledge so I'm excited about it.

 Visuals for school have become my new creative outlet but I've even done a bit of crafting at home. I made these owls for Val's Christmas ornament swap. They need to meet the theme Christmas so I either need to add something or create some other ornaments before this weekend.  I'm leaning toward creating new ornaments.

 Hurricane Sandy blew threw last week and left many sticks and broken limbs.  Clean up scmean up, no need.  I grabbed some twigs off the lawn and spray painted them white.  Now they are decorating my fireplace.  The owls found their way into the branches and I like them there.


val said...

i love this post.......

Melinda Cornish said...

just from knowing you thru your blog, I can see you are the perfect person for the job you do....I love the picture of the hands. It is the sweetest thing! Come visit and catch up when you have the time Jill!