Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good Mail Can Make You Cry

Have you ever gone to the mailbox and found a random package you weren't expecting?  That happened to me this week.  When my husband brought in the mail, there was a surprise package from my friend Val.  It's not my birthday, a holiday or even a package for a swap.  Val sent me a thanks for being my friend package.  It brought tears to my eyes and then it made me smile. Val made this cute little voodoo doll and sent it to me. Isn't he so cute?!!  I love him!  After I wiped away the happy tears I had to stick him with the pins she sent.  He really didn't mind.   I have to admit I have crochet envy, as I only know how to crochet a chain. I adore the amazing crochet creations Val makes and now this one is mine.  Thank you so much Val!  You made my day! Thank you for being my friend!


jillytacy said...

I forgot to mention that Val included a crochet votive holder, acorn ornaments, pins and some goodies for my daughter. She was thrilled to be included in the package. Val, Thanks from both of us!

jillytacy said...
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Val said...

Oh, you are too sweet!