Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life Is Good Festival 2013

I volunteered at the Life Is Good Festival a couple of weekends ago.  It was fabulous!  I had fun and got to see some great music to boot.

The proceeds from the festival benefit the Life is Good Playmakers, who help children in need. I'll share more about the LIG Playmakers in another post. In the meantime the theme of the festival was Good Vibes Save Lives.

 The festival had music, games, food and art.  You know we can't resist an art project.  My girl and I each painted a square tile. The tiles had a number on the back and had specific colors that could be used. This is my daughter's tile.

He're my tile. I included my name and a bit of a zentangle flavor on my tile.

The tiles were place into slats to create a large mural. You can see our tiles two rows to the right of the letter N in this picture.  Each person who painted could make a monetary donation. The donations collected benefit the The One Fund Boston.  $538,150 was raised from these donations over the two days of the festival.

This is the finished mural.  Isn't it awesome!  I love that our artwork is part of a larger piece, created by a community of people who want to help others. You can't see our tiles in this picture with all of the people, but the tiles are there(behind the head of the guy in the blue shirt.)

Best of all the festival ended with almost two hours of Jack Johnson.  Those of you who know me, know that he's my favorite.  I love to listen to my Jack Johnson albums when I sew. My husband and my daughter attended too so we enjoyed the show as a family.  It was awesome!  It turns out Jack and his family walked around the festival like the rest of us. Of course I was disappointed that I didn't see him but really it's probably for the best.  I'd like to think I'd play it cool and act normal but in reality I'd probably act like some crazed fan and make a total fool of myself.

The festival was great! I'm already planning to volunteer again next year.

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Yarni Gras! said...

Oh wow! That mural is amazing! I love how they pulled it altogether.