Saturday, February 22, 2014

Art for Homework

Let's face it homework isn't usually fun, it's work. This week's homework assignment included some drawing.  Now art for homework is fun, so I guess on occasion homework can be fun.  My daughter is reading the book Ida B at school. As part of their literature circles the students were asked to draw a character from the chapters they were reading. This is what she drew.  It's a girl in Ida's class who always wears a sparkly tee shirt, sparkly fingernails and sparkly barrettes. I love her style of drawing! She makes it look so easy and simple yet with just a few lines and colors it captivates my attention.

I created a little art for homework too.  I joined a preschool busy bag swap so I could get busy bags for my classroom. I wanted to create these felt button rings for my classroom and thought they'd be great for the swap.  I had to create 20 of the same busy bags to send. It took me forever to sew buttons on and reinforce the buttonholes, but I like the way they turned out. (By the way this picture shows only ten of the twenty chains.)

I wanted to include a second color activity in the busy bags so I drew these fish on my computer. I  laminated them, cut them out and attached a paperclip to the back of each fish. I made a magnetic wand using a jumbo craft stick and a magnet to create a color fishing game. Now that I made the 20 sets of both activities for the swap, I need to make a few sets for my classroom. Unfortunately I've been feeling a bit burnt out on fish and felt button chains so I haven't started the ones for my class yet.  My art homework was beginning to feel more like work. Hopefully next week while we're on vacation I'll be motivated to work on them again. I also need to work some more on my Needful Things swap package. I have lots of ideas and have been collecting things. I just need to get crafting and put it all together.

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Laminate: The preschool teachers best friend !! (or in my case preschool assistant)
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