Monday, March 31, 2014

Hurry Up Spring

The calendar says it's officially spring, I've seen robins in our yard and the snow is melting so I think spring might actually be here.  Looking at the the gazebo makes me long for warmer spring days.

 Our mulch beds need a bit of work but they hold the promise of new flowers this summer.

It was buried under thick snow all winter, but we can finally see the pool. We had snowflakes this morning then rain so the pool cover is finally clear of snow. Now we need some warmer weather so we can get outside.  We're ready to start going for walks in the neighborhood and enjoying our yard again.

The neighborhood kids want to be outside playing and riding their bikes or scooters too, so hurry up spring weather we're waiting for you!


Kerry said...

Yay .... grass at last :-)
You guys have had such a brutal winter .... I'm sure you're SOOO ready for the cold to be gone :-)

val said...

Im ready too!