Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chunk in Lego Land

This is Chunk, our silly little black pug. Chunk is goofy, sweet, wild, obnoxious(at times,) a good companion and is always standing underfoot. He just wants to be everywhere we are. He snores like a chainsaw, snorts like a pig and makes us laugh with his silly antics.  He will eat anything! Even now at almost three years old he still eats things he shouldn't.  One of his favorite things is eating Legos. If there is a Lego on the floor he'll chew it.

My daughter has lots of Legos and enjoys putting together Lego sets as well as just creating on her own.  She made this Lego Land sign. Usually Chunk gets sent out of the room during Lego time, but . . .

 Chunky didn't want to miss out on a trip to Lego Land so here he is posing with the sign. Thankfully he prefers individual Lego pieces instead of chunks of Legos so the sign survived his trip into Lego Land.

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val said...

haha! I can't believe he is 3!!!