Saturday, May 3, 2014

Number Ten is Here

Welcome to Baby T! 

 We're so excited that the baby is finally here! He arrived on May 2nd and weighted in at 7 lbs 10 oz. Both the baby and my sister are doing well. 

Baby T is the 10th child on my side of the family so he's coming into a big family that will love and adore him. As a matter of fact, we all showed up at the hospital yesterday to meet him. He's beautiful! My girl was the first of the cousins to hold him.  She is totally enamored with him and keeps asking when she can hold him again. She's working on a present for him so I'll post pictures when she's finished.

Here's Aunt Jill holding the new baby. Sorry Aunt Jenn, but I got to hold him first. :)  Poor Aunt Jenn was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half so I got to the hospital first. My husband texted her this picture with the caption "I win."

I went to my sister's house the other day to help finish the baby's room. She bought these wall stickers on Etsy and wanted help to put them up. It took us a few hours but we got them up and the room looks great. We finished just in time because she went into labor the next day.  

Remember the little elephant I made?  Look he's on the shelf in the baby's room. He looks so cute there.

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