Monday, May 5, 2008

Everybunny Needs A Sling Bag

This wonderful little bunny showed up at our house today. She came from Becky who I had as a partner in Plush Swap 3. Becky sent this sweet little bunny to Nature Girl. Look, the bunny even has her own little sling bag proving that. . . .everybunny needs a sling bag! Really she is the cutest little bunny complete with a sling bag and a sweet little bird. The bird has an elastic at the bottom. It can be stored in the bag(Nature Girl prefers this) or wrapped around her wrist twice so the bird can sit on her arm(I love this.) Nature Girl is loving the swap mail. She has even added it to her vocabulary, proudly telling her aunt and our wonderful neighbor MB that she got swap mail today!

By the way I signed up for A Post a Day in May hosted by Jenny at Allsorts, so I'll be posting every day in May. I've been trying to post regularly but this will keep me motivated. The posts are adding up fast, I think this is number 37. It's certainly fun for me and I appreciate all of you who pop by to read the events in my normal every day life. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy reading them and try to respond to all of you because I appreciate hearing from you. It's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself, although admittedly I do that too!


Tracey said...

I appreciate you stopping by my blog and visiting me!! First, your daughter is too cute for words! Second, she is too funny telling people about swaps - you have to love that!!! Third - your blog is a delight to check in on and I am so very glad you are posting every day in May!

jovaliquilts said...

When I talk to myself, at least I know someone's listening! :)

It's no wonder Nature Girl loves swap mail, considering the fabulous stuff you've been getting. What a fun swap!

Pattie said...

That little bunny is darling, but not quite as cute as Nature Girl!

Anonymous said...

A post every day!! That is tiring just thinking about it! Love the bunny and bag - so cute! Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

susan said...

lucky nature girl, she is making out like a bandit, no? and the little birdie on the wrist, i could just squeeeel.
i keep forgetting to tell you what an adorable and pretty little girl nature girl is