Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Need a New Apron

Nature Girl has been enjoying the goodies from our swaps. All the swaps to date have been for her, so I thought it was time to do a couple of swaps for me. I signed up for the Miniature Booty Swap, then the Sassy Apron Swap and the Summer Fun Apron Swap. I wanted to do something for me but even more I'm in desperate need of an apron. I'm forever getting wet or dirty in the kitchen because I don't wear an apron. I have an apron but it's really bad so I don't wear it. You're asking how bad can it be? Look at the picture of me with my current apron and you'll understand why I signed up for two apron swaps.

I should have had my husband zoom in on the pattern so you could see the details. It's little rabbits wearing brightly colored clothes. It's perfect for Easter but not for any other day. I'm hoping one of my apron swap partners is checking out my blog planning an apron for everyday! Preferably something that doesn't have little Easter rabbits on it!! By the way the title of this post could have been I need a new apron and a haircut. My bangs are so long that I'm ready to cut them myself. I have an appointment for Thursday and can't wait!

Today was Teacher Appreciation Day. This was perfect since Nature Girl had school today and we love her teacher. Her teacher is a wonderful lady who has come to our house for lunch twice this year because Nature Girl invited her. To show our appreciation I made 4 reversible cloth napkins and one almost sandwich bag size reusable pouch. Her teacher has commented on Nature Girl's napkins and pouches so it seemed like a good gift. I love the fabric! I have a bunch of it left calling out to be made into skirts, napkins, bags, aprons and who knows what else.

Here are the napkins folded and tied with ribbon. Are you tired of seeing napkins and reusable pouches yet? I promise I won't post any more of them!
I'd like Nature Girl make something by herself for her teacher. I think I'll take her to the new garden stand in town and have her choose a plant. Then Nature Girl can decorate a pot for the plant and give it to her teacher on Thursday. There's a project for tomorrow.


jovaliquilts said...

It's great that you're having Nature Girl make something by herself for the teacher. :)

I have a huge collection of aprons that are really fun, but if I truly need coverage, there's just one I fall back on -- it's thick, covers a lot, and washes well.

My sister cut her own bangs once, with pinking shears! She was only 6.

susan said...

sorry, but yes, you need a new apron! bunnies will not do for every day, no matter how nattily dressed they are. i dont know why i didnt think you had blond hair??? those napkins are so pretty. i love those fabrics. yum. that is so nice that her teacher has come over for lunches.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

I am fascinated by these reusable pouches. What does your daughter use them for?

I am looking for a cute gift for my son's preschool teacher for the end of the year.

Thanks for sharing!