Thursday, May 15, 2008

Field Trip Day

Today was field trip day for Nature Girl's preschool class. Nature Girl woke up excited & ready to get going. She was very excited that her dad took the morning off to go with us. It turned out to be a fun morning. The field trip was a visit to a farm/zoo. The farm had your typical farm animals and then some more exotic animals like bears, wolves, camels, owls and a monkey. We also went on a wagon ride and had a picnic lunch.
I took lots of pictures but didn't get a single shot of Nature Girl with any of the animals. I think it was because as soon as she could smell them she was out of there!!! Nature Girl has a very sensitive nose and doesn't like animal smells. She liked the owls the best and she thought the reindeer were the stinkiest. Surprisingly they were very stinky!
I got some great pictures of Nature Girl with her dad but he's a little blog shy so instead you get a picture of Nature Girl and I taken on the field trip.


susan said...

what a cute pic of the two of you. she is such a doll. sounds like a fun day, and goodness that is strange critters for a petting zoo!! i dont think i would like reindeer if they stink either!

Anonymous said...

Great pic! Tell Dad not to be shy we are really harmless. ;)

(Psst, I just tagged you for a meme on my blog. No pressure; you deserve a day in your sewing room, so if you’re busy, no worries!)