Saturday, May 10, 2008

The View From Where I Knit

It was a sunny day in Northern New York State. The breeze made it feel a bit cool but overall it was a lovely spring day. We spent the afternoon outside sitting on the deck while Nature Girl and her cousins played in the yard. This was my view from where I sat knitting a dish cloth.

I like to have a project to do while I'm sitting down chatting with family and friends. I enjoy visiting but why not chat and craft at the same time? I get to visit and at the end of the visit I feel like I accomplished something. Today I made this dishcloth from a pattern my mother-in-law gave me several years ago. These make great gifts for family at Christmas time, although I made this for me to replace my old shabby ones.

I started to work on the hexagonal net crochet bag from Orange Flower. It's riddled with errors but I'm very impressed with myself that it has a bit of a hexagonal shape to it. Really I need to pull it apart and try again because all the errors will drive me crazy. For just my second crochet project I think I'm doing ok. I obviously need a lot more practice but I'm enjoying trying to learn. Of course I'm more of a visual learner so I need to schedule another coffee & crochet lesson with my friend Cindy.
We're planning to head home tomorrow afternoon so I'll have lots of time to practice crocheting on the ride home. We'll also finish listening to Harry Potter. Once we get home it's back to business for me. I have lots of projects I need to get working on. I want to have my miniature quilt and my 6" quilt square for my swaps done by the end of next weekend. Hopefully I can accomplish that. We also have Nature Girl's dance recital next weekend so I need to make some minor alterations to her costume. Wait till you see how cute she is in her dance costume!


jovaliquilts said...

I keep seeing those dishcloths popping up on people's blogs -- will have to make one for myself. I have a pattern a fellow blogger gave me, just haven't sat down to do it yet.

Love the table the crafts are on!

Hope you've had a wonderful visit and have a safe drive home.

Robin said...

I love knit/crocheted dishcloths! I have around 10 or 12 that I use all around the house. I like to make them while waiting at the doctor's office.

I LOVE your view! How wonderful it must be to look out over that beautiful scene. Do you see many deer grazing? We spent a year and a half in Carthage, New York a few years back and I LOVED the scenery! We also spent alot of time at 3 Mile Bay on lake Ontario. It was a great experience for the kids!

susan said...

your dishcloth looks good. im impressed its your first project. i think i might need to make one of those net bags too. i love the orange yarn you chose. who makes it? the view is gorgeous, it would be hard to leave!! i am hoping since you are crocheting on the way home, that hubby is driving...heheim afraid we were back to pants weather this weekend =(

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your knitting and crochet projects. I made one of those very same discloths recently out of a yarn made out of corn fibre. What type of yarn do you find works best for dishcloths?

Love your reversible napkins that you made for the teacher - beautifully presented!

val said...

I love that ORANGE! It is one of my favorite colors! How did the bag turn out?