Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Branches

We're traveling to NY this weekend to surprise Nature Girl's grandmother. We'll be celebrating Grandma's birthday and Mother's Day while we're there. Nature Girl loves to visit with her Grandma and Papa. She's done this trip every few months since birth so she's great riding in the car for the 5 hour trip. Of course she gets to pick what we listen to in the car which is often boring for her mom & dad but it keeps her happy and the ride goes by without a since complaint or an "are we there yet!" We're fortunate that she's so good! For tonight's listening enjoyment we borrowed the first Harry Potter Book The Sorcerer's Stone on audio CD. We're looking forward to listening to this one on tonight's trip.
We had our girls day out today. We had a very nice day together. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. In the meantime check out the new Kids Craft Weekly which includes flower crafts. We tried the scrunchy blossoms that look like spring branches.


Barb said...

Have a wonderful trip. I tried listening to audios on trips ~ It always tends to put me to sleep. Especially bad if I'm driving!

susan said...

even tho my daughter is too old for it,i still get the kids craft weekly. this is the one project i thought i would like to make myself! hope you are all having a good time, and thats a great idea listening to a book on tape during your drive. i use to "borrow" and older cousin to occupy my daughter during trips to visit my aunt.