Saturday, August 18, 2012

Creative Kid

I have to say this is another duck tape post but, I'm a proud mama.  My kid is incredibly creative and crafty.  She amazes me with what she can do.  This summer we've had a good time crafting with duck tape and her creativity has shown through.  She has the vision and the creativity and with my years of crafting experience together we figure out how to do it. 

 Look at this 3-D Hello Kitty purse she made.  She created the front and back and I helped her figure out how to make and attach the sides.  It turned out awesome!

 Then she moved on to make an apron for herself.  She even put a tag on it that says Duck tape extraordinaire on it.  I think if you can make that apron you've earned the title. The plan is to use this apron as an art smock at school this year.  It was the last thing on the school supply list we needed to get but she made this one instead, so now we are officially done our school supply shopping.

 On a play date with a friend my daughter made the amazing Alice in Wonderland apron I'm wearing. Her friend made a duck tape skirt out of black and white check tape.  I just love the apron I'm wearing.  She included dice, a red heart and a red rose that is dripping paint (I helped fold the rose petals and she stuck them on.) I think it's so darn cute and incredibly creative(again proud mama talking here!)

 Today's duck tape project was flip flops.  We watched this video here to see how they were made, then worked on making them together.  They turned out cute, and yes she wanted them to be different so that they matched all of the colors from her apron/art smock.  After making them she's decided they aren't as comfortable as her regular flip flops and has decided they should be a decoration instead.

With all of this duck tape goodness I decided to make something useful for myself.  I made this little receipt keeper for my purse to hold all of the messy receipts that end up in the bottom of my purse.


Karen said...

Wow you ladies are on a "roll" <--- I couldn't resist a bit of duct tape humor :) Really awesome! How fun that you have all these memories that will last a lifetime!

Barb said...

How cute! Julianne caught the duct tape bug for a while. She really liked making the roses. That apron is too cute and I love the clutch.... So pretty

val said...

what great projects! I love the aprons but your receipt keeper is precious too. You gals need to do some of the lions and lambs I have on my blog....I know NG would be able to do it, she is so creative!

Crazy Amy said...

rcOh wow! I love that apron! She is so talented - and the matching flip flops are awesome. great receipt holder too, very sassy

Kerry said...

She's a super star .... what an awesome job she did :-)
Hope school is going well.
Big Hugs