Friday, August 3, 2012

Go For the Cup

 It's Olympic time. I think the rest of the world is glued to the Olympic coverage on TV but not me; I am stuck on duck tape. This week we decorated a shirt, made mustaches, and made a trophy cup from duct tape. We have had so much fun with it!

We put duck tape on BBQ skewers then cut out a mustache shape. They're cute and fun! Here are some of the cousins making silly faces with our duck tape mustaches.

E.(in the green shirt above) turns 9 this weekend.  He wants to make duck tape mustaches for the party.  They're also planning some backyard games for the party.  My sister asked me if I could make a duck tape trophy to give to the winner of the obstacle course race.  I like a craft challenge so I agreed. I was happy with how my first attempt turned out.  It's made with paper, a paper bowl, cardstock, an empty duct tape roll and some grey duct tape. It took me a few hours to finish it but I enjoyed making it.  It's fun to be doing some crafting again.  Seriously who knew something as simple as duck tape could be so versatile and fun!

This is the duck tape flower shirt my daughter made.  She wanted to try duct taping on a tee shirt.  I ironed over the duct tape to make it stick more. I'm still not sure how it will hold up with an active 8 year old wearing it, but I think it looks cute!

We have so many things to post, I just need to take time to find the pictures and write the posts.  Maybe I could unstick myself from the duct tape long enough to get that started.  Let's hope, though my mind runs wild with the things I'd like to try making with duck tape!


Karen said...

It's all so cute! Love those mustaches! You're so creative!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh Jill those photos are awesome! The first one with all the kids in their mustaches is perfection!

Crazy Amy said...

that duct tape trophey is amazing! looks like they had some great fun! Happy Summer!