Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sally Zombie

My daughter was outside playing in the neighborhood this morning, so I was in my craft room sewing. She came running in the house accompanied by children from the neighborhood yelling "Your zombie is here!"  It makes me wonder if my mail carrier and the neighborhood children think I'm a crazy lady. It's okay, I don't care my zombie package arrived!

You have to love it when a zombie decorated package arrives in your kitchen!

Everything was nicely wrapped. The kids oooed and ahhhed as I pulled out all of the items my partner Sarah sent.  She spoiled me!

Here's the whole zombie package; a Nightmare Before Christmas notebook, a zombie house filled with mini candy bars, zombie brain putty, zombie stickers, a sewing kit, ribbon, skull-shaped orange nail polish, a candycorn apron, a make your own zombie cell phone kit for my daughter(she's thrilled with it!) and an amazing Sally doll!

Just look at this doll . . . she's amazing!  Sarah made her from paperclay. I love the detail that went into her patchwork dress. Sally's even holding a jar of Deadly Night Shade. This was Sarah's first try at a paperclay zombie. Sarah you did an amazing job, thank you!!!!

Here's the zombie package booty along with a couple of neighborhood zombies :) 


Kerry said...

I have just laughed out loud ..... I can imagine your neighbors peeking over the fence as the kids came running in, shouting "your zombie is here" :-)
That zombie doll is so awesome ..... what a fantastic package !!!
I am always so amazed at the amount of talent that exists in our little group of Zombie Queens :-)

A Little Creation said...

Those zombies in the last photo are pretty darn cute.
Chris =]

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm not surprised the zombie came with an announcement....especially after the tea party she set up last year!
when I got to the photo of Nature girl, I cracked up! YAY!