Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Old Boring Life!

When I decided to start blogging I worried that my life was too boring to write about. I have a great life but it's not very exciting and no one will ever write a book about it. I'm not complaining! It's a good life and I'm glad I don't have a lot of drama. For the last three days I've been watching two extra children. My sister had an emergency and needed to someone to take her girls. My other sister has the oldest daughter and I have the 4 year old and 5 month old. This is the great thing about living near my sisters we can help each other out at the drop of a hat.
After three days of the flurry of activity that has accompanied caring for three children and the numerous adjustments to our normal schedule I'm looking forward to getting back to my old boring life! I greatly love my nieces and have enjoyed having them with us. Of course having three children has changed how we navigate through our day. Nature Girl is an only child and has gone everywhere with me since birth. As a result she has very good behavior in public and can go anywhere without an issue. We regularly head off to run errands, go on outings, play dates or whatever we need to do. Having three children makes it difficult to do the these things. You should have seen me trying to take the baby and two four year olds to pick out flowers and terracotta pots for our teacher appreciation gift. After loading flowers and pots into the car we headed off to pick up a friend's child from school (We do this every Wednesday before going to play at the children's museum and heading off to dance class.) Add in a stop at the Dollar store and a trip to McDonald's for dinner and you have our day today. I'm tired just thinking about it!

So where do these rusty old milk cans come in? These are on my list of projects to complete this spring. I bought them last October at an auction for $13 each. I think it was a great deal, my husband didn't agree. I'm planning to paint them, then use them as a decoration in font of our house. My husband is not a fan of my milk cans and will be happy to see them finished and out of the garage. When I get back to my old boring life I might have time to paint them or to catch up on the other projects I haven't had time to do! I love my old boring life!


susan said...

lovely post. you are super sweet to help your sister out with her little ones, esp a tiny baby. i would be exhausted not blogging if i had your day! go to bed!!
good luck with your cans

jovaliquilts said...

I'm with you on the cans -- those could be wonderful!

When I was pregnant with my second child, we ran across a Norwegian expression about having kids, "One is like none, two is like ten." It is much more complicated with more than one!

val said...

love those milk cans! we need an updated picture of them by the door!

I saw some milk cans painted a distressed 'haint blue'....they were GORGEOUS.
They had giant fake sunflowers in them.