Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taking Pictures

Blogging has me taking more pictures than I have since Nature Girl was a baby. During April I took over 500 pictures. Since I'm dragging the camera around with me everywhere we go Nature Girl has become interested in taking pictures too. So I've handed over the camera and let her take a few. It's pretty interesting to see what she wants to take pictures of.

The picture of this dance bag was taken by Nature Girl this afternoon during her dress rehearsal for dance. I've volunteered to be one of the backstage moms for Nature Girl's class. This means caring for thirteen 3, 4 and 5 year olds in the basement of an old local theater for 3 hours. After the busy week we've had what's 12 more kids to watch, right?! The rehearsal was fine so now were ready for the full dress rehearsal on Monday. By the way this isn't even Nature Girl's dance bag but she does take a pretty good picture. At least it equals my picture taking abilities.

My sister picked up my nieces this afternoon so we're back to having just one child. After having to share my attention with her two cousins for the last four days Nature Girl is in need of a girl's day. We're planning to spend the day together tomorrow. We hope to visit her favorite petting farm & ice cream stand. They just opened up and we're looking forward to our first visit this year. We also have a project in the works for tomorrow. We hope to make some stepping stones for our garden. They'll be a mother's day present for me. Of course Nature Girl wants one for her own garden so we'll do that too.
Our weekend is shaping up to be busy but I'm hoping that by Monday I'll be back to my normal boring old life. I'm really looking forward to it!


jovaliquilts said...

Nature Girl has a great future ahead of her with the camera! Actually, she's pretty adorable on either side of the picture-taking endeavor. Sounds like you guys have a great weekend planned! Happy Mother's Day!

susan said...

its great that the camera bug has bitten her too. it is so much fun to see life thru the eyes of a child like that. they have such a unique perspective.